Curso en línea de preparación para el examen DELE A2

DELE A2 exam online preparation course

The preparation course for the new DELE A2 exam is designed specifically to acquire the skills and strategies required to pass the tests involved. It is divided into three modules.

In the first one, a series of activities and videos introduces students to the exam structure and details such as the scheduled date, marking and the component tests.

The 118 activities that comprise the second part of the course help students to prepare the written, oral comprehension and oral expression tests. They contain real-life material: questions drawn from real exams and candidate videos. For more effective and engaging learning, the activities are varied and include tasks requiring students drag and drop, draw relationships, sort or colour.

The third module consists in a full real exam to enable students to self-assess the knowledge acquired during the course.

Course benefits

  • In this course, students are assisted by a video tutor as they learn and become familiar with the DELE A2 exam.  
  • The first activity in each task is preceded by a video explaining how it should be broached and what is expected of students. Similarly, before the last activity in each task, which is always based on a real exam, a video-recorded mentor reminds students of the factors to be borne in mind to pass.
  • Every screen has a section entitled ‘Exam tips’ with useful advice on how to complete the tasks comprising the tests.
  • An incorrect answer triggers the system to urge the user to reconsider.
  • Open questions always come with sample answers indicative of markers’ criteria.
  • The course uses simple language readily understandable to DELE A2 candidates.
  • All oral, written and graphic material is drawn from actual exams. There are many  videos about recordings of real candidates sitting the exam.
  • The explanatory notes to such videos can be readily identified using intuitive labels
  • The system allows to repeat indefinitely the activities in random order and furnishes the correct answers.

Registration for the course

Students may register for the DELE A2 preparation course on CLIC, the Cervantes Institute’s e-store.

Link for more information and details about online DELE exam preparation course categories, technical requirements, exam registration and so on.