Curso en línea de preparación para el examen DELE A2

DELE A2 exam online preparation course

The preparation course for the DELE A2 exam is designed in an instructive way to develop skills and strategies to pass the exam. It is organized in three modules:

In the first one, through a series of activities and videos, the student will become familiar with the day of the exam and its different parts and how they are marked.

The second part of the course consists of 152 activities in which written, listening and oral tests are prepared. It contains real material: samples of exams and performances of candidates as well as specific recordings. In addition, to improve the learning and the attention of the user, the typology of the activities is diverse and includes, among others, tasks in which the user must drag, relate, order or color.

The third block of the course is a full-length real exam for the student to test during the allowed time all the knowledge acquired through the course.

In our video Guide of the DELE A2 preparation course it is possible to get more information about it.

Course benefits

  • Each task contains a section, called ‘Tips for the exam’, where useful information to perform the task is provided.
  • Contains different interactive dynamics (dragging, choosing, writing ...) and activities that simulate exam tasks.
  • Offers a formative feedback system for students to reconsider their answer.
  • Activities with open answer always have a model to illustrate how the activity should be done according to the criteria used by examiners.
  • Simple language is used for students who are candidates for the DELE A2 exam.
  • Statements, strategies and advices are translated into German, Chinese, French, English, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese.
  • Oral, written and graphic materials have been obtained from current exams. Courses contain multiple videos with real performances by previous candidates.
  • The course allows students to repeat activities as many times as they need with a randomness system, providing solutions to the questions.

Registration for the course

Students interested in registering for the DELE A2 preparation course, must do it through CLIC, the Cervantes Institute e-commerce portal.

For more information go to online preparation courses for DELE exams.