Online preparation courses for DELE exams


The online preparation courses for DELE exams are designed to get know the structure of the exams (tests, assignments, marks, etc.) as well as to develop the skills to pass them. Users are given access for 90 days, counting from the date of receipt of the login details, after confirmation of registration. Each course has three modules:

Before starting

This module contains the course index, the course guide, which is an explanatory video with information on how the course and the platform work, and the section How does an exam look like?, which has activities to know everything about the DELE A2 exam day: its schedule, its parts and the duration of each one.

Practice Test

This is the main part of the course. It contains activities organized according to the DELE exams: 

  • Reading comprehension test:

Contains activities to practice the DELE A2 exam with real exam texts: instructions, posters, emails, articles, reviews…

  • Listening comprehension test:

Contains activities to practice this part of the exam, with samples of real audios: notices, instructions, advertising material, radio announcements, brief conversations...

  • Written expression and interaction test:

Consists of activities with strategies to write adequately different types of texts: forms, applications, letters, invitations and emails.

  • Oral expression and interaction test:

Contains activities with samples of real candidates. These videos allow to see the environment in which these tasks are carried out and become familiar with the exam material.

Know the exam

It allows to practice a real test with answers and check the knowledge acquired during the course.

Modalities and prices


If you purchase an AVE Global online Spanish course through CLIC, the Cervantes Institute e-commerce portal, you will receive an email with the purchase confirmation and the details of the enrollment process.

From that moment, in a maximum period of 72 hours, you will receive an email with your username, password and the access link to the AVE learning platform. We recommend you to check your spam tray. If you do not receive this information within that period or you want to have a refund or withdraw from the course, please contact us through this contact form.

The price of a 90 days license for a DELE exam preparation course is 50 euros.

Tutored learning

If you register at one of the Cervantes Institute centers, you will receive an email with the purchase confirmation and the details of the enrollment process. We recommend you to check your spam tray.

At the beginning of the course your tutor will send you a first welcome email with the details of the program.

Please, contact your closest Cervantes Institute center for other modalities of classroom based and blended learning courses.

Academic certificate of the course

Students enrolled in the self-learning modality will receive at the end of their access period an academic notification which confirms the completion of the course, as long as they finish at least 80% of its activities.

Technical requirements

Please check them here

Registration for the DELE exams

The DELE Spanish diplomas are internationally recognized, not only by public and private educational institutions and authorities but also in the business world and by chambers of commerce.

Those students who want to take the DELE exam after completing the course can check the DELE examination centers.


For more information, please consult the online DELE exam preparation courses guide.