What is Grama-Exprés?




It is a suite of Cervantes Institute online courses intended for Spanish language students seeking an innovative way to learn, review and practise grammar individually or in groups through videos and activities.

Three beginners’ course are presently in place: Grama-Exprés A1.1, Grama-Exprés A1.2 and Grama-Exprés A2.1. New courses will be launched soon.

The courses

All courses consist in nine units, each with explanations and practical exercises on one of nine features of Spanish grammar addressed in keeping with the course level. Every unit includes two educational videos denominated ‘Let’s talk’ and ‘Take note’, with automatically corrected interactive activities to practise and fortify lesson content.

The estimated duration of each course is 14 hours. Enrolment is valid for 6 months starting from the date the user receives the access code upon confirmation of purchase.

Independent study students completing over 80 % of the course content may request an academic notification to that effect.
Users may review course tables of contents to determine the level best suited to their command of the Spanish language.

The units

All nine units of each course contain the following sections and educational resources:

  • ‘Let’s talk’

Videos taking everyday situations encountered by the course’s two hosts as a pretext for introducing the item featured in the unit. A transcription in Spanish of the videos is included.

  • ‘Take note’

Educational videos in which the two course hosts explain the grammar at issue.  Spanish language transcriptions of the videos and grammar fact sheets that can be downloaded and printed are included.

  • ‘Activities’

Five to seven interactive, automatic answer activities varying in approach for independent practice and consolidation of command of the grammar explained in the videos.  

  • ‘In the classroom’

The above three sections are supplemented by a fourth, ‘In the classroom’, with edutainment proposals for group activities monitored by a teacher or tutor in an in-person or digital classroom.