AVE Global online Spanish courses. E-learning.

AVE Global online Spanish courses. E-learning

Self-learning (or e-learning) AVE Global courses are geared to people seeking maximum flexibility, as they can be taken any time, anywhere. Users can register through CLICthe Cervantes Institute’s on-line shop.

After successfully completing at least 65 % of the activities of the course can ask for an academic notification issued by the Cervantes Institute through this contact form.

You are invited to take our online proficiency test to guide you in your choice of the one best suited to your needs.

The courses and topics available are listed below.  


Users are given access for 90 days, counting from the date of receipt of the login details, after confirmation of registration. 

A1 - Breakthrough

AVE Global. Breakthrough A1.1. course | Register |

AVE Global. Breakthrough A1.2. course | Register |


A2 - Waystage

AVE Global. Waystage A2.1. course | Register |

AVE Global. Waystage A2.2. course | Register |


B1 - Threshold

AVE Global. Threshold B1.1. course | Register |

AVE Global. Threshold B1.2. course | Register |

AVE Global. Threshold B1.3. course | Register |

AVE Global. Threshold B1.4. course  | Register |


B2 - Vantage

AVE Global. Vantage B2.1. course | Register |

AVE Global. Vantage B2.2. course | Register |

AVE Global. Vantage B2.3. course | Register |

AVE Global. Vantage B2.4. course | Register |


C1 - Effective operational proficiency

AVE Global. Effective operational proficiency C1.1. course | Register |

AVE Global. Effective operational proficiency C1.2. course | Register |

AVE Global. Effective operational proficiency C1.3. course | Register |

AVE Global. Effective operational proficiency C1.4. course | Register |



Lessons are geared to users who wish to learn or refresh their command of Spanish in specific everyday situations. These 10-hour lessons cost €20 each. Users are given access for 21 days, counting from the date of receipt of the login details, after confirmation of registration.

A1 - Breakthrough

AVE Global. Lesson 1. Breakthrough A1.1. Initial contact. Greetings and personal details. | Register |

AVE Global. Lesson 2. Breakthrough A1.1. Family and friends. Physical description and moods. | Register |

AVE Global. Lesson 3. Breakthrough A1.1. Food. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 4. Breakthrough A1.2. Cities and public transit. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 5. Breakthrough A1.2. A normal day. Timing, habits and customs. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 6. Breakthrough A1.2. Leisure time. Organizing leisure. | Register | 


A2 - Waystage

AVE Global. Lesson 1. Waystage A2.1. Our experience. Talking about our personal and professional past. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 2. Waystage A2.1. Shopping. Needs and tastes. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 3. Waystage A2.1. Our biographies. Narrating and describing the past. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 4. Waystage A2.2. Travel. Tourism and vacation plans. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 5. Waystage A2.2. Opinions. Expressing a point of view. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 6. Waystage A2.2. Feelings. Expressing emotions and judgments. | Register | 


B1 - Threshold

AVE Global. Lesson 1. Threshold B1.1. Encounters. Introducing and talking about ourselves. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 2. Threshold B1.1. Change. Relating the past to the present. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 3. Threshold B1.1. Stories. Narrating the past and imagining the future. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 4. Threshold B1.2. Health. Meals and healthy lifestyles. Illness and remedies. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 5. Threshold B1.2. Cities and homes. Shopping. Dealing with authorities. | Register |

AVE Global. Lesson 6. Threshold B1.2. Travel and tourist services. Climates and places. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 7. Threshold B1.3. A focus on culture: literature, sculpture and music. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 8. Threshold B1.3. The power of pictures. Fashion and advertising. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 9. Threshold B1.3. The labor market. Companies in Spain and Latin America. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 10. Threshold B1.4. Relations and protocol at social events. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 11. Threshold B1.4. The environment. Country and city. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 12. Threshold B1.4. Language learning. Intercultural awareness. | Register | 


B2 - Vantage

AVE Global. Lesson 1. Vantage B2.1. Are we acquainted? Personality. Training and work experience. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 2. Vantage B2.1. Are all the good times gone? Remembrances, events and narratives. | Register |

AVE Global. Lesson 3. Upper intermediate B2.1. Looking ahead. Plans, interests and desires. Possible and impossible future events. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 4. Vantage B2.2. Locating a place. Description of towns and cities. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 5. Vantage B2.2. I’d like to know what you think. Participating in society. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 6. Vantage B2.2. I’m curious. Making assumptions. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 7. Vantage B2.3. What do you recommend? Suggestions, requests and advice. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 8. Vantage B2.3. Rumor has it... What people are saying, suggesting or recommending. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 9. Vantage B2.3. Art and artists. Hispanic artistic expression. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 10. Vantage B2.4. If I’d only known... Hypothetical situations and formal complaints. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 11. Vantage B2.4. What a meal!. Describing and appraising Hispanic gastronomy. | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 12. Vantage B2.4. Let’s get a game going. Traditionally Spanish and Latin America pasttimes. Internet contests, work offers, conditions and rules. | Register | 


C1 - Effective operational proficiency

AVE Global. Lesson 1. Effective operational proficiency C1.1. Playing the lead role. The media. Biographies and autobiographies.   | Register |

AVE Global. Lesson 2. Effective operational proficiency C1.1. That’s what friends are for. Illness and health habits. Funeral rites.   | Register |

AVE Global. Lesson 3. Effective operational proficiency C1.1. But... what were they thinking? When things go wrong around the house.  | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 4. Effective operational proficiency C1.2. Paving the way with every step. Emigration and Spanish intellectuals in exile.  | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 5. Effective operational proficiency C1.2. The workplace. Communicating successfully in the working world.   | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 6. Effective operational proficiency C1.2. Doing it my way. Evolution in teaching methods. Personal changes.   | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 7. Effective operational proficiency C1.3. Consumer society and advertising.   | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 8. Effective operational proficiency C1.3. Travel and travelling. Historic, tourist and cultural routes in the Spanish-speaking world.  | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 9. Effective operational proficiency C1.3. History will absolve me. Political and literary overview of Latin America.  | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 10. Effective operational proficiency C1.4. A green future. Ecology, natural resources, sources of energy and pollution.  | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 11. Effective operational proficiency C1.4. Literature in Spanish. Language institutes and the furtherance of reading.   | Register | 

AVE Global. Lesson 12. Effective operational proficiency C1.4. Humor. The C1 DELE.   | Register | 


Haven’t found the course or topic you were looking for? More courses and topics specifically related to certain new activities will be launched in the near future. If you wish to make a suggestion or receive information on new developments, please fill in the form below.