What is AVE Global?

What is AVE Global?

AVE Global is the Cervantes Institute’s platform for on-line Spanish courses, designed to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels A1 to C1.

AVE Global consists of a total of 16 courses and 48 topics supplemented with teaching materials, videos and interactive exercises. With this entertaining approach, students can learn Spanish effectively and independently on mobile devices any time, anywhere.

If you complete at least 65 % of the course activities, you can ask for an academic notification issued by Instituto Cervantes.


AVE Global courses cover a comprehensive suite of activities geared to the level chosen.

The sixteen 30‑hour courses on offer are designed to the latest approach to language teaching. Students may navigate freely through course materials and activities for 3 months, subject to no time restrictions. Users completing 65 % or over of the activities comprising each course can ask for an academic notification to that effect through this contact form.

A proficiency test is available as a guide to help users determine the most suitable level to their command of Spanish.


AVE Global materials are also designed to study Spanish in the form of specific lessons.

A total of 48 10‑hour lessons are on offer for users who wish to learn Spanish or refresh their command of the language but are pressed for time. During the 3 weeks of access to the course, users are taught to communicate in Spanish in everyday situations at the level of language proficiency of their choice.

A proficiency test is available to determine the most appropriate level for each student.


For further information check the AVE Global Courses Guide