Cervantes Institute

About the Cervantes Institute

The institution

The Instituto Cervantes [Cervantes Institute] is the Spanish public institution created in 1991 to further the teaching of the Spanish language and the visibility of Spanish and Latin American culture. Headquartered at Madrid and Alcalá de Henares, it is present on six continents. 

Objectives and responsibilities

  • To organize general and special language courses in Spanish and all of Spain’s vernacular languages
  • To issue, on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, the diplomas of Spanish, and organize the respective exams
  • To update teaching methods and teacher training
  • To support the work of hispanists
  • To participate in programs to enhance the visibility of the Spanish language
  • To conduct cultural activities in conjunction with other Spanish and Latin American organizations and institutions in host countries
  • To provide the general public with libraries fitted with the most advanced technologies