About AVE

About AVE

The three keys to our e-learning platform are described below:

Communicative e-learning

Today’s technological developments have made the internet an ideal framework for offering language courses in which students can work together to learn to communicate significantly in Spanish.

AVE for students

In the study hall, students may access AVE Global teaching materials, communication tools (chats, forums, blogs, wikis and e-mail) and an automatic monitoring and evaluation system that delivers the results of activities performed and tests taken.

AVE for tutors

Tutors can monitor the teaching-learning process continuously from the teachers’ management page. There, they can draw from a wealth of resources and a tool bench to plan their own and their students’ work. They also have access to the tutor training course and all the materials needed to use AVE Global to their students’ best advantage.

Courses hosted in AVE

The AVE Global Spanish online courses and the DELE online practice courses are hosted in our AVE learning platform.